Your ability to conduct a well-organized meeting in front of your peers and managers can jump-start your career, gain the respect and appreciation of your colleagues, and help your team be more productive.

How to Lead More Effective Meetings

Meetings can be incredible time-wasters. They can also be incredible motivators. As a meeting leader, you make the difference.

In this fast-paced breakout session, you'll learn

  • How to plan your meeting
  • How to build a successful agenda
  • How to run your meeting successfully
  • How to avoid common pitfalls
  • How to do an assessment of your meeting.

For more than 40 years, Don Crawley has worked with technology, from broadcasting to automation systems to data networks. A former IT trainer and consultant, he is an award-winning IT customer service speaker and the author of eight books for IT professionals including The Compassionate Geek. He’s especially good at helping IT teams work together so they can get things done.

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