Breakout Session: Hiring and Retaining Employees

When hiring IT staff, do you hire for technical skills, people skills, or a good cultural fit? Once you hire someone, how can you manage them successfully to achieve organizational goals, and how do you retain your best employees?

How to Hire, Manage, and Retain Great Technical Staff Members

Organizational success is based on great employees. Losing employees is expensive. Good employees are drawn to companies with good reputations and good cultures.

In this fast-paced breakout session, you’ll learn:

  • How to decide your hiring priorities
  • How to write a good job description
  • Why an intentional job interview matters
  • Five techniques for managing high-performing tech employees
  • Five techniques for retaining high-performing tech employees

For more than 40 years, Don Crawley has worked with technology, from broadcasting to automation systems to data networks. A former IT trainer and consultant, he is the author of eight books for IT professionals including The Compassionate Geek. He’s especially good at helping IT teams work together so they can get things done.

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