Breakout Session: Inappropriate Customer Behavior

Inappropriate behavior from customers presents similar challenges to other forms of inappropriate workplace behavior, plus the possibility of significant financial loss based on how the behavior is dealt with.

How to Handle Inappropriate Behavior from Customers

Some customers act inappropriately toward vendors and their employees. It might include unwanted come-ons, dishonesty, demeaning or sexual humor, harassment, intimidation, or other bad behavior. Being prepared for bad behavior can help you maintain your safety and self-respect.

In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn:

  • Tools for dealing with customers or clients who tell inappropriate jokes, who make sexist and/or racist comments, who ask you to engage in unethical behavior
  • Techniques for dealing with unwanted overtures
  • How to get out of uncomfortable situations
  • How to avoid uncomfortable situations
  • Other options for dealing with customers who act inappropriately

For more than 40 years, Don Crawley has worked with technology, from broadcasting to automation systems to data networks. A former IT trainer and consultant, he is the author of eight books for IT professionals, including The Compassionate Geek. He’s especially good at helping IT teams work together so they can get things done.

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