positive point of view

We’re changing the format and the name of the Compassionate Geek blog starting with this post. You can think of the new format as a weekly motivational triple-play. In fact, that’s what I’m calling it: The Weekly Motivational Triple Play. We’ll publish one new post per week, reflecting a positive point of view. Each post will include a word-of-the-week, a motivational quote of the week, and an idea for your consideration that week. As always, it will be written with IT people in mind. Please let me know what you think.

positive point of view
positive point of view

Word-of-the-Week: Uplift
Be that person who lifts up those around you. Be of good cheer. Offer an encouraging word or a helpful hand to those who need it. Be the person who brightens the room when you enter, not when you leave. Think of your frustrated end-user, struggling with technology. Try to maintain a positive point of view. Be the person who uplifts.

Motivational Quote of the Week
“What Juan says about Anna says more about Juan than it does about Anna.” -Kermit Crawley (Yes, we’re related. He is my father.) When you speak well of others, it reflects well back on you. Similarly, when you speak poorly of others, your words reflect back poorly on you. Words are powerful. Choose yours carefully.

For Your Consideration This Week
My friend and employee Dan was a talented broadcaster and pop musicologist. He also had a knack for finding the negative in nearly any situation. You could comment about what a beautiful, sunny day it was and Dan would warn you about skin cancer. I mentioned once that I was excited to visit a famous restaurant and Dan launched into a diatribe about what a bad area it was in. Dan cast a cloak of dread over every conversation. He had anything but a positive point of view. It felt like each time we talked, I’d have to work to pull myself out of depression afterward. Ultimately, his negativity made me try to avoid him. I wasn’t alone. Others also avoided him, but it never occurred to him to look in the mirror to see why people stayed away from him. Life, of course, has its ups and downs. Here’s a cliche that is absolutely true: You may not be able to control the cards you’re dealt, but you most certainly can control how you play them. There are times when life is going to treat you like crap. It happens. The most resilient among us don’t focus on what happened; they focus on the solution. It’s not a matter of being a naive optimist all the time; it’s a matter of finding opportunities and solutions, no matter how dire the circumstances. It’s about having a positive point of view. Be uplifting, not only to others, but especially to yourself.

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