During our trip to India, we met Narendra Singh, who was often the morning host in our hotel’s restaurant in Noida, a suburb of Delhi. Narendra was always pleasant and helpful. He seemed to anticipate our needs. I asked him about his motivation to do his job so well.

Caring is a Passion, Not a Job

Narendra proudly explained that he didn’t see hospitality as his job, it is his passion. He went on to say that his job is to ensure that everyone starts with a good morning experience. He said, “A happy morning makes for a happy day.”

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Narendra Singh

It Matters How a Relationship Starts

When we begin an interaction with a customer, an end user, the first few moments are critical because they set the tone for the entire interaction. Just like Narendra wanting to ensure that we started with a happy morning, we, in IT, need to start customer interactions on a happy, positive note. This doesn’t mean we are bubbly and efusive when that’s not our style. It means we implement the three Ps of IT customer service: We are pleasant, positive, and professional from the beginning and that we carry that attitude and behavior through the entire interaction. It means that we’re interested in what our customer is doing and how we, through IT, might be able to help them do their jobs more productively, efficiently, and creatively. It means we listen more than we talk and we focus on the customer and not ourselves.

Master IT Customer Service with the 3 Ps

Narendra Singh sets a high bar of gracious hospitality for the rest of us, but it’s achievable. We start our interactions with the three Ps, in a pleasant, positive, and professional manner and carry it through the entire interaction. We listen to our customer with the goal of helping them do their job more productively, efficiently, and creatively, and we focus on delivering a benefit to our customer. And that’s how me master IT customer service.

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