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I no longer offer technical training. All of my work now involves developing online training at CompassionateGeek.comkeynote speaking, and corporate training on IT customer service and other people skills for technical people. If you’re looking for files from my YouTube videos and Accidental Administrator books, you should be able to find them here.

Downloadable Files and Documents

You’ll find downloadable files and documents, including files mentioned in my book Cisco ASA for Accidental Administrators at this link.

Book Errata

You’ll find book errata here.

Online Training

Check out my online, on-demand training on IT customer service here: Compassionate Geek Online Training.

Be sure to explore my website for more information and opportunities!

Tech Learning Resources

If you’re interested in technical learning resources, you may find the following links helpful: YouTube channel

Accidental Administrator Blog with Linux, Cisco, and other tech how-to guides

Don Crawley Amazon Author’s Page (including Cisco and Linux books)

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