Your team is skilled, but you receive unexpected complaints about performance. You’ve created a great workplace culture, but employee morale seems to be lacking. Many IT professionals enter the field with an enthusiastic love of technology but fail to appreciate the level of interpersonal interaction they’ll be expected to engage in, resulting in a disconnect between the IT service provider and the end-user. An IT customer service experience training program can bridge the gap, boosting both employee performance and end-user satisfaction. Here’s why you should invest in an IT-specific program rather than general customer service skills training.

Generic Customer Service Experience Training Doesn’t Feel Relevant

Let’s face it – your IT team isn’t going to be interested in the latest stats on brand loyalty or customer acquisition.  They don’t need to know current best practices on when to offer free products to retain a disgruntled consumer. What they do need are tools to help them interact effectively with the individuals they’re serving so they can work more efficiently while improving the end-user experience.

While generic training offers plenty of customer service content that’s relevant to the IT industry, it’s often buried in sales-focused presentations that make it difficult to tease out exactly how to apply it to the IT customer service professional’s day-to-day interactions. An IT customer service program designed specifically for IT professionals will teach them skills they can begin using immediately for improved workplace performance.

Real-World IT Customer Service Examples

Contextual workplace scenarios and real-world examples are two of the most powerful teaching tools available. Using them in professional development presentations helps increase the understanding of abstract concepts, boosts long-term recall, and facilitates practical application. In an IT customer service training program, all scenario examples will demonstrate the importance of the content for your industry to help your team understand exactly why customer service skills are important in their line of work.

Rather than simply learning de-escalation techniques, they’ll learn them in the context of demonstrating empathy toward customers experiencing a frustrating technical problem. Instead of learning about the customer experience from a brand loyalty standpoint, they’ll understand how developing an approachable and shame-free service culture encourages end-users to reach out for help sooner rather than trying to resolve it on their own and causing bigger problems. Instead of learning generic listening skills, they’ll learn how to make a customer feel heard and validated while asking the right questions to troubleshoot and resolve the problem quickly.

Accessible Customer Service for IT Professionals

Whether your team offers contracted services, internal technical support, or external customer/client support, customer service is critical to their overall success. And though customer service training programs abound, few are designed with the IT professional in mind.

Compassionate Geek offers rich, relevant training that speaks directly to the IT professional. With an insider’s understanding of the industry coupled with examples that your team encounters every day, these training programs will help your team develop the contextual customer service skills they need to move from competent to truly exceptional.

With on-demand, live, and hybrid options, Compassionate Geek has a program that’s right for every organization. Learn more at


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