Here’s a basic principle of customer service: Don’t talk about other customers in front of a customer, unless it’s speaking positively of something the other customer is doing. Even then, your current customer might take it the wrong way and think you’re comparing her or him to other customers.

The Focus Must be on the Customers

When you talk about one customer in front of another, you’re taking the focus off of the customer in front of you. Remember, the most successful people in customer service make the customer feel like he or she is the only person in the world, at least when we’re with that person. Additionally, when we talk about one customer in front of another, the second customer begins to wonder what we might say about her behind her back.

What Goes Around…

Regardless of whether it’s a customer or any other person, whatever we say about someone will eventually get back to that person. Additionally, talking about people behind their backs can start rumors and gossip. Put yourself in the position of the person you’re talking about and consider what you’re about to say. Would you want someone else to say those things about you? What is your motivation in saying those things? Is what you’re about to say kind and helpful or is it mean-spirited and hurtful? Remember, also, that what we say about other people says more about us that it says about the other person.

What’s the Benefit to the Customers?

When you’re giving a presentation to a group of customers, of course it’s okay to share customer success stories. When you’re in face-to-face situations with a customer, however, we want to always keep the conversation focused on them and the solutions to their problems and issues. If you want to talk about other customers, make sure that the customer you’re with will see it as a benefit to him.

Remember, customer service is all about the customer (thus the name), it’s not about us, our company, or anything else. It’s about delivering what the customer sees as a benefit. When you want to be successful in customer service, focus on the customer!

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