Breakout Session: Emotional Intelligence

Practical Emotional Intelligence for IT Professionals

How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Build Great Relationships in the Workplace

Your career depends on your ability to work successfully with customers and coworkers. People lose their jobs when they don’t get along well with others. Similarly, people leave their job because they don’t like their boss.

In this fast-moving breakout session, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize emotions in yourself and others
  • Respond appropriately to emotions
  • Manage your own emotional responses
  • Influence a desired emotional response in others
  • Gain valuable tools for managing relationships with others

Don R. Crawley, Author of The Compassionate Geek

For more than 40 years, Don Crawley has worked with technology, from broadcasting to automation systems to data networks. A former IT trainer and consultant, he is an award-winning IT customer service speaker and the author of eight books for IT professionals including The Compassionate Geek. He’s especially good at helping IT teams work together so they can get things done for customers and each other.

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