–Paige Degidio, ConnectWise
Senior IT Nation Events Manager
–Angela Barrus, Conference Chair, D2 Toastmasters Leadership Institute, Seattle, WA
–Vince Tinnirello, CEO
Anchor Network Solutions, Inc.
–Josh Stearns, CEO
–LaTonya Morgan, Director
HDI Capitol Area
–Audience Members Reacting to Keynote Speaker Don Crawley Immediately following his speech
–Jeffrey Whitehead
National Institutes of Health (NIAMS)
–Julia Kraveca, Director, IT Support Services
Sheridan College
–Jennifer Servedio, Chief Information and Security Officer, Susquehanna University
–Dr. Alicia Makaye, Owner/Co-Founder
GXA, Richardson, TX
Des Moore, President
Common Angle, Inc., Petoskey, MI
James Knowles, Director of IT Services
Restech, New Orleans, LA

Don is absolutely fantastic to work with for speaking engagements. His message is right on point, he understands and identifies with his audience. He takes concepts that are easy to understand but hard to implement and gives the audience practical tips and tools to help them make changes. His audience leaves the room with actionable information that will help them improve all of their customer relationships. From a logistics standpoint, he couldn’t make it any easier. He asks for what he wants and then coordinates well to make it all work seamlessly within the boundaries of options available. He was fantastic pre and post event with support, promotion, and engagement.
–Lisa Person, Director
Member Communities

Thanks for a great presentation, it was very valuable!
–Jessica Caceres, IT Analyst, The World Bank

We have received quite a few positive comments from people who went through the class. Many picked up actionable ideas for both their work as well as personal lives.
Thanks for engaging the team as they challenged and questioned the concepts. As you well know, IT people demand credibility before accepting information, and you did a great job providing that in the way you handled the audience participation.
–Carl Nehls, CIO
City of Colorado Springs, Colorado

In today’s hi-tech world, there are few people who “get it” when it comes to fully understanding the large disconnect between users of technology and service providers. Don is one of the few. Don was invited to speak at our company’s annual meeting of healthcare IT CIOs. All of our attendees are challenged daily with providing services and support to a hospital staff that ranges from admission registrars to physicians. Don did an amazing job in a short amount of time explaining and providing real world examples of how to engage IT employees and bridge the gap with their customers. Our attendees were attentive and appreciative of Don’s message. Many commented afterwards that they plan to implement the principles of Don’s message. I highly recommend Don and his book for any company who provides technology!
–Hershell Foster, Vice-President
InfoPartners, Inc., Nashville, TN

“Thanks for exceeding our expectations. I enjoyed not only the message but the style in which it was delivered. You are a real Pro!”
–Don F. Lowe, Chief Executive Officer
Franchise Services, Inc., Mission Viejo, CA

“Don Crawley was a keynote speaker at our annual conference recently where he spoke to us about using compassion in our daily jobs as I.T. Professionals. The take-away lessons were invaluable. His thought provoking testimonies, suggestions and advice given during his presentation were eye opening, even though I thought going in that I knew how to show compassion to my “customers” when providing technology support. I would highly recommend Don to anyone seeking this type of instruction. Not only was the presentation highly received by our membership, but working with Don in the planning stages of the conference was a breeze. He is a very kind and compassionate (geek) human being!”
–Roni Argetsinger, Technology Manager
Diocese of Des Moines

“Don spoke at one of our partner conferences, Automation Nation. The audience was primarily IT solution provider technicians, managers and business owners. His message was right on target for our attendees. The audience was completely enthralled during his speech and his message has resonated well after the event came to an end. I still have partners come up and talk with me about the “Compassionate Geek” and share how much Don’s message meant to them. Don is an amazing speaker and author; and on top of that, he is a delightful person to work with. This makes me think he definitely practices what he preaches. If you are looking to share a message that brings humanity into the world of technology and looking to work with a consummate professional who brings joy to your event, look no further. Don is an amazing contributor to our partner community and his message is timeless!”
–Amy Hodge, Senior Director of Community

“Don’s “Compassionate Geek” training has really resonated with our Customer Success staff, and fits well with the culture of our company. Don’s extensive experience in IT, combined with a unique and powerful perspective on customer service, makes him a very effective advocate for treating end users with the respect and care we all deserve.”
–David Edwards, Director
Learning & Development for IT, GapTech (Gap, Inc.), San Francisco, CA

“Don provided his Customer Service, Compassion, and Computers seminar to our team this month. As IT professionals in the public sector, we work hard to provide excellent service to the people that we serve and to defy some negative stereotypes of government employees. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy Don’s seminar, I learned a lot of great ideas on how we can continue to improve customer service in our organization. I appreciate how Don spoke “our language” which made us all more receptive to the message. Probably the best testament of this seminar was seeing a room full of our IT professionals fully engaged all day – NO mobile phones. I highly recommend Don’s customer service training and books for IT professionals.”
–Kevin Carr, CIO
Denton County, Texas

“Don provided a great day of insight, stimulating conversation, training, and opportunity for staff to ponder their own personal growth in regards to Customer Service. Staff were engaged from the beginning and all through the day of tough questions. Don provided excellent comments and feed back to a technology group that continues to struggle with the balancing act of lean finances/ staffing and yet desiring to provide the best for our support base. If your staff have been nose to the grindstone for a few years, it’s a great training that is up-to-date provided by a person who understands our technology’s quirky natures.”
–Reba Stowe, Customer Support Manager
City of Auburn, Washington

“Don was very approachable and helpful during the training. He knew the material well and seemed to personally be interested and into it.”
–Navid Mansourian
Facebook, Inc.

“Don’s book and speaking both address a critical area for IT professionals in a way we can understand. Thanks to Don for presenting both at the Seattle Area System Administrator’s Guild meeting and at the Cascadia IT Conference. Don’s talks were popular with the audience and well received.” –Paul English
Seattle Area System Administrator’s Guild, Seattle, Washington

“Excellent job. It really got me thinking about my customers and found areas where I can improve myself.
–Elizabeth Vera
Discover Card

“Don referred to work associates, friends, strangers, pretty much everyone as your brothers and sisters…if we all had this mentality we would definitely treat people differently and provide higher level of help. ..to me [it] was not only a lesson in customer training but also a lesson in life.”
–Brendan Pollard, EMEA Snr IT & Dublin Site Manager
Cadence Design Systems, Inc., Dublin, Ireland

“I had the pleasure of partnering with Don on a recent non-profit fundraising campaign. As the “grand finale” spokesperson for the campaign, Don delivered a memorable, succinct, powerful short speech that inspired and motivated. I appreciated his ability to convey key concepts in a way that was fresh and imaginative: he crafted an analogy that crystallized the message and captured the audience. Happy to report we met our fundraising goal. Bravo and great job, Don!”
–Sue Warner-Bean, Owner/Principal
Sue Warner-Bean LLC, Seattle, Washington

“Don was able to really help focus our IT team on service delivery by providing tools, concepts and stories that enabled our highly qualified group to excel even more-delivering clear and obvious business value.”
–Michael P. Richardson
American Superconductor

“Without a doubt, Don Crawley is one of the most effective and personable IT communicators I have ever met. Don delivered a wide variety of training programs, both technical and non-technical, for my company between 1997 and 2008. The depth of his knowledge and his ability to translate challenging, often complex information into a form that his audiences can both understand and use puts Don in the upper echelon of computer trainers. Don really loves what he does, and that passion is what makes him good at it. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I encourage you to do so.
-Bob Potemski
SkillPath Seminars

“Several members of our IT department, including myself, attended Don’s Help Desk Customer Service training class a few years ago to help us become an even better support team. His instruction was insightful and everyone took something with them from the class. Don’s class helped reinforce some of the new things we knew but gave us a better perspective at looking at both sides of a help desk customer support role.
–Kevin Bisignano
Mosaic, Omaha, Nebraska

“I had the pleasure of working with Don on a webinar for TrainSignal on the topic of customer service for IT professionals. Don is an excellent public speaker and his knowledge of the subject was superb, after all he did write the book on the topic. What I liked about working with Don on this project was that he made sure to keep it interesting and interactive; webinar attendees were given a handout at the beginning of the session and had the opportunity to follow up with Don after the webinar. In my opinion, Don went above and beyond in his role as a presenter and did an outstanding job. I hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.
–Kasia Lorenc

“The results were fantastic immediately … watching three of my team members who were struggling with the very topics you were touching on. They were passionate about it, they were excited. They went out to the client they’d had a difficult interaction with and immediately resolved it.
–Jeffrey Whitehead
National Institutes of Health (NIAMS)

“Don presented an abbreviated talk on customer support to my extended team of computer professionals. Many were skeptical but Don communicates as an engineer and he kept them engaged. If you want walking on hot coals, hire a showman. If you’re interested in learning from a down-to-earth guy who knows what he’s talking about, consider Don Crawley.
–Paul Nicholson
WideOrbit, San Francisco, CA

Read more recommendations and learn more about Don on his LinkedIn profile.

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