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People have strong opinions about Amazon. Regardless of how you feel about Amazon, they are focused on caring for customers. You may have heard the quote about Amazon, “We aim to be Earth’s most customer centric company.” I had an experience with Amazon that clearly demonstrated why I would choose to do business with Amazon instead of long-established more traditional company.

Not Caring for Customers: Making Customer Experience Difficult

For the past four months, I’ve gotten my prescriptions filled at Walgreens. I set everything up online and they mailed them to me as needed. One of my prescriptions ran out and the new package hadn’t arrived yet, so I tried to use the chat feature on the Walgreens website. After exchanging a few text messages with them, they told me I needed to call their 800 number. I called it and listened to their annoying, tinny music along with a voice telling me how important my call was for what seemed like an eternity before someone finally answered. I explained what I needed and the person told me I needed to call my local Walgreens. I hung up, called my local Walgreens and listened to annoying tinny music along with a voice telling me how important my call was. Finally, someone answered. I explained what I needed. They reviewed my account and told me I needed to call the 800 number. That was the same place that I’d called previously! The person I spoke to sounded bored and disinterested, but eventually we got things sort of straightened out. I say “sort of” because I was still missing several doses of my prescription and the rep made no attempt to ensure I was taken care of with an interim supply. This is definitely not caring for customers! Great customer service means we create a great customer experience. My experience with Walgreens was far from great.

Caring for Customers: Making Customer Experience Easy

I’d heard about PillPack, an online pharmacy that is a division of Amazon. I was so frustrated by my experience with Walgreens that I decided to check out PillPack. I went to their website which was well designed and easy to use. I filled in a simple form to transfer my prescriptions and quickly received a confirmation email. The email said if I had any questions to reply to the email. What? No waiting on hold listening to awful tinny music? I sent an email with a question and received a quick reply. My entire experience was seamless, easy, and it respected my time and my musical sensibilities by not forcing me to wait on hold. Frankly, my experience with PillPack is the very definition of caring for customers.

It’s All About Customer Experience

As a division of Amazon, I’m not surprised by PillPack’s customer service. Like them or not, Amazon has built their company by being customer-centric. Amazon treats its customer’s time as more valuable than their own. In today’s world, there’s no excuse for your customer service reps not taking the time to fully understand the customer’s needs. There’s no excuse for poorly designed websites. There’s no excuse for a customer service rep who sounds bored and disinterested. And there’s certainly no excuse for forcing your customers to wait on hold listening to someone’s choice of bad hold music.

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