made a mistake at work

Made a mistake a work? Be sure to give yourself grace. When you think of grace, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s the fluid movements of a beautiful ballet. Maybe you think of the words of appreciation expressed before a meal. Another form of grace is unmerited divine assistance given to us. Whether you believe in religious teachings or not, I’m convinced that grace exists and I’m really glad of that! Hear me out.

All of us are on a journey called life. Most of us want to include self-improvement as part of that journey. Maybe we want to learn a new skill. Maybe we want to become more compassionate. Maybe we want to lose weight, break an old habit, or save more money.

Common to everyone’s process of personal growth and improvement is that sometimes annoying fact of being human and subject to human frailty. Grace is a key element to success in the pursuit of personal growth because grace allows us to backslide. Our resolve helps us make better choices, for example in the foods we eat. Our humanness leads us to the fried chicken. Grace allows us to backslide occasionally without the debilitating effects of guilt.

In my own experience, like all humans, I fight my share of demons. It’s my resolve that keeps me going, marching forward. It’s my humanness that leads me to the fried chicken platter. Grace works at home to say, “It’s okay Don. You are human, you are worthy, and you are loved.”

It’s grace that says it’s okay to make mistakes. We’re all going to backslide from time-to-time. It’s also grace that allows us to persevere in the face of obstacles, both those created by ourselves and those created by others. As you go on your life’s journey, remember that it’s your resolve that moves you forward, it’s your humanness that sometimes takes you away from your path of progress, and it’s grace that says, “It’s okay. You are human, you are worthy, and you are loved.”

Even if your boss is tough when you’ve made a mistake at work, you can give yourself compassion and grace. You can learn, you can grow, and you can become a better version tomorrow of the great person you are today!

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